Twenty-first Century Solutions for a Twenty-first Century Problem

A generation ago the word “security” would likely be associated with a soft, warm blanket. Today, security is a concern for everything from our computers and our homes, to our homeland. With good reason– a teenager in his bedroom on the other side of the globe can shut down a business in Nebraska with a simple line of computer code. But as technology has created more security risks, it has also provided the means to combat them. SSOE’s cutting-edge solutions include:

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are tiny electronic devices attached to, or incorporated into, many products in manufacturing facilities to track product as it proceeds through the plant and on to the retailer. Some major retailers currently require their suppliers to include RFID tags in all shipments to better manage the supply chain. Hospitals are using RFID tags to keep infants safe. Every baby bracelet includes an RFID tag that indicates when a baby is taken out of a restricted area and locks down the facility to prevent further movement. In businesses, RFID systems are monitoring confidential documents, software, personal records protected by HIPPA, and equipment. RFID systems have limitless applications in the hands of security experts like those at SSOE.

Access Control
SSOE is responding to the burgeoning need for systems that limit access to authorized individuals. SSOE’s staff of certified designers is trained in all of the major brands of access control systems. Whether it’s tracking and recording the license plates of vehicles leaving a facility, fingerprint or retinal identification, creating perimeter protection systems without fences, or providing active security badges that can store information within the badge itself, SSOE can help clients minimize threats so they can focus on their day-to-day business.

Fire Security
Although some fire protection devices have been standard for decades, the systems available today are much more sophisticated and afford a greater level of protection. SSOE’s fire protection and alarm professionals are certified and have designed many state-of-the-art products that provide the highest degree of protection, while keeping the budget at the forefront. Even systems like hydrogen flame detectors, oxygen analyzers, and very early warning smoke detectors are now becoming common place in the hands of design experts who tailor the system to a facility’s needs.

CCTV & Monitoring Systems
Facilities with high-level security requirements strictly monitor activity in and around their property. For example, water treatment facilities or food and beverage plants are vulnerable to contamination from those intending to harm large numbers of people. SSOE’s security experts design custom systems to monitor activity throughout a facility and in parking lots using closed-circuit television, or even more sophisticated devices such as facial recognition or automated tracking systems.

System Integration
SSOE’s building and landscape architects work hand-in-hand with our security experts to design facilities that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. These professionals are versed in the latest technological advances and building methods. We can design simple to complex systems to ensure your facility – whether a school, retail establishment, hospital, laboratory, or production plant – has the means to keep your people, your information, and your assets safe.