Historically the manufacturing industry has led the way in creating productivity gains—yet productivity in the design and construction industry remained flat for decades. SSOE is changing that. We combine Lean methodologies with the latest technology to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing and high-tech markets. When you work with SSOE, you can expect an experience that is more collaborative and more transparent. We believe the easier we make it for you to provide input, the better the result will be. We gain a better understanding of our client’s needs by forging close working relationships with them, and have found the longer the relationship, the more value we add. We understand you aren’t in business to build buildings or execute capital projects, so we focus on your business objectives—getting your product out the door faster, better, and cheaper than your competitors. We’ve done this for some of the largest manufacturing projects in the world, and have become experts in applying what we’ve learned to projects of all sizes.

Top 5

Design Firm

Top 5 Manufacturing Design Firm for the past 5 years (ENR)



Projects executed in
40 countries and a resume
that includes some of the
most recognized names and
largest manufacturing
facilities in the world


Cost Savings

We’ve documented
more than a billion dollars
in cost savings for our
industrial clients