Belle River Mills Compressor Station
As-Built Legacy Program

DTE Energy Gas

  • Laser scanning
  • Limited field visits
  • Increased safety
  • Enhanced drawing accuracy

China Township, Michigan

Through the utilization of laser scanning, SSOE was able to gather site information while spending a limited amount of time in the field. This reduction in required field time created approximately $100,000 in project savings for DTE.

DTE Energy sought an engineering alliance partner to efficiently and effectively deliver its Belle River Mills (BRM) Compressor Station Mechanical Drawing As-Built Legacy Program, meeting their delivery deadlines for confirming and updating existing mechanical drawings to reflect current conditions. SSOE was engaged as the partner of choice for this program, having successfully demonstrated its proposed project team’s ability to provide top quality deliverables, while thinking outside the box to maximize value for the client.

In order to provide the best possible value solution, SSOE partnered with an image servicing subcontractor to utilize 3D laser scanning to scan the BRM site at project kickoff. The scans were then used to remotely verify dimensions and locate missing items. An additional, short site visit was required to field investigate a handful of areas that were too congested and detailed to capture on the 3D laser scan. However, utilizing laser scanning reduced the required time for on-site walk downs from months to less than a day. This reduction in on-site staff equated to approximately $100,000 in savings for DTE.

Cost savings are not the only benefit realized through the use of laser scanning. By reducing staff time spent in the field, the risk of injury also decreased. Additionally, laser scans also increase the accuracy of combined drawing sets. Over the years, minor alterations have the potential to create match line errors. SSOE’s process in updating drawings allows measurements to be referenced to a single datum at the site, eliminating errors occurring between drawings.

Ultimately, SSOE met the client’s required deliverables. These requirements include redlines conforming to DTE’s complex drafting field data collection procedure, finalized CAD drawings, and high resolution photography for areas of changes, all while meeting DTE’s standards and procedures.

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