CONA IT Office



Atlanta, Georgia

With an operational “go-live” in spring 2016, this is a young company. Born out of a program focusing on bottler process and data standards for a global beverage industry giant, CONA was created to pair powerful information technology skills with an equally strong understanding of their bottlers’ businesses.

“By the bottlers for the bottlers”. This team is transforming their industry, using technology and engaged customer collaboration, to drive change from “standardization” to “an innovation factory.” Growing and evolving, the group wanted a workplace that would “express a company identity that we own,” as well as engage and celebrate their bottlers and showcase their own deep IT expertise.

Expressing, “our defined culture is a work in progress” the client wanted a flexible, fun environment, emphasizing their connection with their clients. A place that would “help us get our work done” and “thrive for years to come.” They needed places for deep, meaningful, client collaboration as well as “labs” on site, to develop customized and innovative technology solutions. A “technology company,” at the leading edge of agile work processes, this nimble group frequently flexes in size, by potentially up to 50% with the addition of project specific contractors.

SSOE took an industrial, “bottling plant aesthetic” as inspiration to continuously reinforce this connection with their partners. Understanding the end game in everyone’s success is the people enjoying those beverages, we tapped into a theme of “where do you enjoy your drink?” We developed a design concept based on “neighborhoods” of work flow, creating diverse settings that enrich their people’s daily experience. Each neighborhood fosters their blossoming company identity and helps shape the emerging culture by integrating places that express their spirit and build community.

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