Consulting Firm Office

Russell Reynolds


Atlanta, Georgia

A global consulting firm, Russell Reynolds uses data and analytics, across industries and geographies, combined with expertise, to create the insights that prepare their clients for what’s next. An established entity, Russell Reynolds grew from conservative banking roots, but recent rebranding recognized “we’ve come so far from that.”

Russell Reynolds has evolved into an innovative, trusted advisory that delivers better results for clients, with a personal touch. The Atlanta team wanted a forward-looking workplace, reflecting the organization differentiators, while embracing this locality, it’s people and their preferences.

“We grow up our talent.” The Atlanta offices’ expertise includes technology, financial services, and executive recruitment. The nature of their work is primarily individual, focused, and confidential. Remote collaboration globally among colleagues – “more than the person next door,” connects resources and drives solutions. Working independently all day, they wanted an environment that intuitively fosters informal connectivity with their Atlanta colleagues, in relaxed and social settings. A dynamic group, the team wanted a visible energy and hum that expressed their attitude, even more important since their work is private and heads down.

SSOE’s design concept evokes a “Southern Modern” aesthetic that is both warm and sleek.  A centralized arrival, visually connected to adjacent collaborative settings and intersecting primary circulation, is welcoming, bright, and active. Introducing familiar “southern” details and materials, like shiplap and slate, reinterpreted with a modern take, we created a comfortable, but polished feel. Informal and familiar venues like the “front porch” and the “library”, occur throughout, creating “destination experiences,” encouraging people to work outside of their office at times. To build community and energy, we placed the “kitchen” at a prominent corner, overlooking the vibrant Midtown neighborhood, that people gather and circulate through all day. With 80% of their team in private offices, use of glass provides an environment that’s acoustically private but visual transparent. Focus + Connectivity + Community, Russell Reynolds’ new workplace captures the distinct elements of their success: high performance and high touch.

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