Corporate Office Renovation

Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD

  • Modern façade
  • Welcoming lobby
  • Wall of glass on the east side to allow daylight
  • Shared work spaces
  • Collaboration Café
  • Learning Center and Resource
  • Library
  • Fully integrated with technology
  • Contemporary color scheme

Maumee, Ohio

24,000 SF

Meetings with GJM and the design team defined the requirements for the new plan for the office layout. This plan became a refection of the GJM brand and mission, one that is focused on clients and employees. There was a strong desire to modernize the existing Eaton (LaValley) Building façade and entries, and tie it to an architectural design in line with GJM values. The entry and lobby design was transformed into a welcoming and modern space with a two-story skylight. Spaces included a new reception desk, visitor conference rooms, and board room. A new angled glass façade on the east side allowed for daylight throughout the space, creating an open and inviting environment.

Corridors were placed on an axis with one connecting corridor parallel to the east glass façade to link the work spaces. Shared spaces along this corridor included collaboration spaces, wellness room, the Learning Center, break area, assembly room, and access to lobby spaces. Large open glass garage doors connected the Learning Center to the Collaboration Café, offering space for employees to meet with a connection to the outside patio area. Spaces were fully integrated with technology, connecting GJM virtually to other office locations and clients. The flexible wellness room provided a space for employees to escape, relax, and recharge before returning to their tasks.

The design included offices placed internally within the floor plan allowing workstations and collaboration spaces placed along the exterior to take advantage of windows and daylight. The continued connection to nature and natural daylight promoted employee well-being and added physical comforts to the space. The interior finishes and contemporary color scheme thoughtfully reinforced the architecture of the space and provided a backdrop for client branding.

We are thrilled with the design of our new office space. It is modern, practical, creative and flexible. It will suit our needs for years to come. SSOE’s collaboration with our building committee was a true partnership. Heather was responsive and innovative in working with us and transformed a tired building that had been vacant for years into a world class show piece we are truly proud of.”

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