• Flexible performance to meet client’s schedule
  • Returned savings through lean management and continuous process improvements
  • 2017 – 67 packages completed
  • 2016 – 46 packages completed
  • 2015 – 33 packages completed


Santa Clara, California

SSOE has been performing design engineering for tool installation packages for MOK (Multiple of Kind) and FOK (First of Kind) tools for multiple functional areas of this world-leading semiconductor client’s development manufacturing facility. This project launched the client’s new business methodology of designing engineered packages from one location for projects around the world, with part of the team on the ground for design review and fieldwork and the remainder of the team in other U.S. locations. This enabled the client’s internal engineering design staff to exert more control over the design process for standardization throughout the entire corporation.

Because of our success, SSOE was able to be highly efficient, leveraging the skills of SSOE team members operating in multiple locations including Santa Clara, Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Schedule was a significant challenge for this program, as rapidly evolving technologies and developmental fine-tuning resulted in the needs changing throughout. SSOE’s flexibility and skill at managing scope change has been key to the success of this project—enabling the achievement of client productivity goals. In recognition of SSOE’s ability to keep pace while maintaining a high level of quality, the client consistently allocates additional scope above and beyond the standard tool installation design.

The team’s exceptional attention to detail extends to our cost management systems. Through lean management and continuous process improvements, SSOE continuously returns savings to the client. This culture and focus has given the client confidence in SSOE’s abilities, as evidenced in additional project awards.