Design for Process Equipment Installation Program

Semiconductor Client

  • Successful transition of design installation packages for 5 FATs (Functional Area Teams) from another A/E firm
  • Closed backlog of highly complex tool conversion designs within 8 weeks
  • Promoted and advocated the central design program requirements (specifically: adherence to example package requirements, quality surveys, and RFI reporting)


Following the client’s success in a high-volume manufacturing facility using a new design methodology—providing design engineering for tool installation packages from one location for projects around the world—SSOE was requested to mobilize for a new project in a second high-volume manufacturing facility. SSOE augmented a small team of local staff in Arizona with design staff in Oregon, New Mexico, and Ohio to perform MOK (Multiple of Kind) tool installation designs for the most complex functional area of this world-leading semiconductor client’s high-volume manufacturing facility.

Two A/E firms were already on-site performing design work locally but were unable to meet the steep demand curve of this new technology transfer project. Integrating into the site where existing BKMs and stakeholder expectations differed significantly from contracted deliverables proved a significant challenge. SSOE was recognized for leadership in promoting the new program to client stakeholders and guiding other A/E firms on the program parameters including code compliance issues, project reporting, and quality program implementation.

SSOE started 79 and completed 31 tool design packages in its first quarter on-site and closed a backlog of highly complex tool conversion designs within 8 weeks. While mobilizing from 0 to 28 staff across 4 sites and with significant schedule and stakeholder availability issues, SSOE maintained a 100% performance against schedule rate and a 98% positive quality scorecard rate.

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