• Installation of more than 10 miles of fiber
  • Governmental and educational WAN
10 miles
Dover, Ohio

Dover Light & Power, with whom SSOE has a 20+ year relationship, called upon our firm to design a fiber optic backbone loop around the City of Dover, Ohio. The fiber optic cable used was a multimode type, with the loop consisting of 48 and 96 stranded fiber cable. The fiber optic loop is approximately 10 miles in length.

Initially, the fiber optic system was utilized by the electric department for relaying and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) communications. SSOE then designed a governmental and educational wireless Wide Area Network (WAN). The governmental WAN connects the department networks and provides data and voice communications between various city buildings and offices. The educational WAN provides data, voice, and video communications for the city’s public and private school systems.

The backbone system can be used in the future for cable TV, telephone, and internet services.