162,621 SF/1,225 Core Capacity
Smyrna, Georgia

New School Featuring District’s Innovative Programming Standards

The King Springs Elementary School is a 67 Instructional Unit replacement school that is located on the same site as the former school. The program is based on Cobb County Schools’ standards and includes Pre-K, Kindergarten, Primary (Grades 1-3), and Intermediate (Grades 4-5) classrooms, as well as a Media Center (Learning Commons Area), cafeteria/kitchen, gymnasium, and art and music programs.

Reducing the Footprint to Work with Existing Site  

Due to the limited area of the existing campus, the new design is configured with a three-level main classroom element that both reduces the footprint as well as works with the existing site topography. Site amenities include two play areas as well as a separate play field, separate parent and bus parking, and queuing areas.