Marketing Building Workplace Renovation

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • Project is part of a campus wide remodel program
  • 6-story Marketing Building fully renovated
  • 2nd and 3rd floor renovation focused on a collaborative environment
  • An Innovative 6-pipe HVAC system was implemented throughout the building

Findlay, Ohio

2nd Floor: 18,000; SF 3rd Floor: 18,000 SF

Transforming Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s Marketing Building: For four decades SSOE has partnered with Marathon Petroleum Corporation. Together we have reimagined the work environment and provided forward thinking design and engineering solutions that will empower and impact the building and people alike. Our collaboration on the Market Building Workplace Renovation project exemplifies our ongoing partnership and shared commitment to design excellence.

Enhancing Workplace Strategies. The renovation project celebrates a dynamic and inspiring workspace, catering to both existing and potential team members. Designed as an ecosystem to foster connection, teamwork, and social engagement, the Marketing Building leverages the structure’s unique industrial characteristics. Feature elements of the overall design transformation include the integration of natural light, versatile communal spaces conducive to collaboration, visible engineering elements, carefully chosen furnishings, a selection of finishes and materials, and sleek linear lighting fixtures. The refreshed workspace offers its team members a refined, and forward-thinking work environment for both digital and in-person connections.

New Hub of Collaboration. A new connecting stair has been thoughtfully positioned just below the newly installed skylight, providing employees with access to natural light while fostering distinct neighborhoods within the workspaces. This stair serves as a main connection point between two work floors, offering opportunities for social engagement and gatherings. Adjacent to the staircase are communal zones that have been designed to serve as a vibrant nexus for employee interaction, technological engagement, and dynamic work styles. Throughout each level, versatile, multi-use areas cater to a diverse range of activities, from solitary work to large group gatherings. The project space embodies a modern, energetic, and authentically surprising aesthetic empowering team members.

Thoughtful and Energized Environment. SSOE and Marathon Petroleum Corporation together made a commitment to be environmentally conscious while leveraging the pre-existing building framework, systems, and furnishings, to install a state-of-the-art size-pipe HVAC system. To amplify natural lighting in the workspaces, we incorporated a substantial 15-foot square skylight that extends through the roof and third floor. This infusion of sunlight not only establishes a central hub for collaborative zones but also ensures equitable access to daylight for all employees throughout the workday.

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