New API Manufacturing Building

National Pharmaceutical Client

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Site planning / selection
  • Full digitization of manufacturing process
  • ISO 7, ISO 8, ISO 9 spaces
  • Purified and deionized water systems
  • Compressed gas delivery systems
  • High pressure reactor vessels

Midwest USA

65,000 SF

SSOE assisted a leading global life sciences manufacturer with developing Conceptual Design (FEL I), engineering estimates, and a program schedule for a new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) facility located in the Midwest. Forecasted demand for existing products cannot be accommodated within the owner’s existing facilities. As a result, SSOE developed a building concept to accommodate the increased manufacturing space, increased QA/QC and Micro Lab space, Stability Chambers, Product Development spaces, and general meeting and assembly spaces. The study also included investigating possible placement of the new building on the existing campus or locating it on one of two neighboring properties.

SSOE’s pharmaceutical design team collaborated closely with the client to create building conceptual design and site layout options, budgets, and an overall project schedule. SSOE fully integrated its Construction Management team into the project from Day 1 to provide a high level of estimate and schedule accuracy.

Building Highlights

  • The building network, instrumentation, and process equipment are being designed to allow full digitization of the manufacturing process.
  • The building will be comprised of ISO 7 (Micro Lab), ISO 8, ISO 9, CNC, and mechanical spaces.
  • Purified water (PW) and deinonized water (DI) generation systems will support manufacturing and laboratory spaces respectively.
  • Compressed gasses will be centrally located, and fully piped and instrumented delivery systems will serve both the production and lab spaces to completely eliminate the need for gas cylinders to be moved around inside the building.
  • Currently in Capex Funding Phase, detailed design is scheduled to begin in fall of 2021.
  • The estimated production start date is the 4th quarter of 2023.

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