Program Management

Ceramic Proppant Client

  • Site selection
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Material handling design and procurement
  • Integral air permitting support
  • Led engineering efforts

Southeast USA

SSOE’s innovative design for the abatement system and operational energy efficiency improvements saved the client $11 million.

SSOE was selected by the site owner to provide engineering services for detailed design and construction to produce ceramic materials at a site in the Southeastern U.S. Although the client already had a specialized engineering team working on the facility, it was recognized that the effort was resource limited, and SSOE had the resources and experience to keep the project on schedule and on track. As part of this effort, SSOE also led the air permitting process and was responsible for other environmental permits required to build and operate the facility.

First priority for SSOE was to assist the local environmental consultant in obtaining information necessary for air permit application and approval. SSOE’s environmental specialists worked with the process specialists and engineers to determine critical process emission information required, and also assisted with communications with the appropriate people in the state environmental office.

In addition to the air permit, SSOE also completed other required federal, state, and local environmental permits. These were separated into preconstruction, construction, and pre-operation / operating permits. Until the client assembled an on-site environmental staff for operations, SSOE acted as the client’s environmental engineer, assigning operating permits and plans to appropriate parties to complete. These plans included permits to install / operate, tank permits, spill plans, wetlands, water withdrawal permitting, NPDES wastewater discharge and stormwater permits and plans, and communication plans.

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