Solar Product Manufacturing Facility

Chemical Client

  • Master site plan
  • Energy-efficient design
  • High sound isolation
  • Site based utilities

Midwest USA

When a long-established chemical client needed master planning assistance for a new solar product manufacturing facility, they called on SSOE as their trusted engineering partner. SSOE established interface points between the plant and site services and developed an overall master site plan.

Coordinating with city officials, intersection, and traffic patterns were updated to improve access to the site. These updates were then incorporated into the master plan. To improve site safety and security, a loop road design separating employee access from truck access was implemented. A design was also developed for site drainage, collection, and waste treatment. Service water and fire water loop tie-ins and completion were also included. Site based utilities (steam, water, process water, and compressed air) were integrated into project needs, by the SSOE team.

SSOE provided the design for a guard house, integrating products manufactured by the client into the aesthetics. The energy-efficient design included high sound isolation from the adjacent plant. Architectural security fences, turnstiles, and truck security gates were also included. Client-specific standards for security layers and boundaries for truck and employee plant access were supported in SSOE’s design. Electrical power distribution for the guard house incorporated the client’s manufactured solar power system. A sidewalk snow melt design was developed, including all power and control equipment. The guard house lighting design incorporated client-specific light levels. Client-specific requirements for perimeter security, loop road, parking, and truck inspection gates were integrated into the overall site lighting design.

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