Thin Film Flexible Photovoltaic Facility Fast-Track Expansion Study

Xunlight Corporation

  • Expansion from 25 MW production capacity to 100 MW
  • Fast-track review of scale up plan for loan guarantee
  • Review included cell production and module assembly for thin film PV process
  • Successful completion of DOE technical review process

Toledo, Ohio

122,000 SF

Met the client’s aggressive schedule, enabling them to submit their grant proposal on time.

With the next step in their growth (and a major expansion) on the line, Xunlight looked to SSOE to provide the Department of Energy (DOE) with an extensive review of their planned expansion from an initial 25 MW plant to a full scale 100 MW production facility.

This review included:

  • PV cell manufacturing and module assembly processes
  • Facilities and site requirements
  • Chemical handling and safety requirements
  • Production cost estimating
  • Permitting review
  • NEPA assessment assistance

The challenge was to provide a very rapid assessment of Xunlight’s scale-up plan that would also be thorough enough to ensure the DOE’s review process would be smooth and quick. With extensive resources in both industrial process and facilities, SSOE was able to instantly assign a team of multi-disciplined experts to fast-track the process.

The successful technical review that resulted was a product of a proactive and responsive client as well as deep technical resources that allowed a fast-track review by “A-team” experts for each discipline. SSOE’s extensive experience in integrating facility and process design and large project execution produced findings that satisfied Xunlight’s specialized needs.

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