Xpress Operations and Maintenance Facility

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA)


Atlanta, Georgia

38,000 SF

Crucial Operational Space

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s new Express Operations and Maintenance Facility was constructed to provide crucial operational space for its growing bus fleet, integrate more sustainability and energy-efficient technologies, and provide state-of-the-art offices and meeting spaces.

Upgraded Functionality

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson worked with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority to design 12 maintenance bays, six drive-thru bays, and six pull-in bays. The upgraded bays function with engine dyno and brake tester, quick lube and preventative maintenance, in-ground lifts, and underground maintenance pits.

Efficient Technology

New energy-efficient technologies include LED lighting, advanced ventilation systems, infrared gas heaters, and touchless bus washing systems that recycle 70 percent of the water used. Additionally, the SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson team incorporated recycled materials such as concrete and asphalt into the design of the new space.

State-of-the-art offices and meeting spaces now include Wi-Fi, high-definition security cameras, a video wall, and additional technologies that further advance the facility’s overall operation. The building program also includes a high-tech command center, driver lounges, conference and counseling rooms, secure locker areas, and a large training center that can accommodate more than 50 attendees for training and group sessions.

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