Area Development Article: “The Team…and the Timing When Making a U.S. Location Decision”

Alexandra Segers, Dip.-Ing, Program Manager and International Senior Account Executive at SSOE, and General Manager of the firm’s Southeast U.S. operations, was recently featured in Area Development where she shares her advice for picking the best time to select a site location for a new project. The site selection phase will lay the groundwork for the design and construction phases that follow. Therefore, it is important that the team enlists the help of an expert consultant to ensure the site location is managed correctly.

With nearly 20 years of experience managing international projects for Fortune 500 clients, Alexandra has developed special insight into the unique needs of multinational clients. She has led teams through nearly every phase of a project, including planning, programming, design, and construction, and specializes in assisting clients with site selection outside their country of origin. She is one of the most widely sought after resources in the Southeast U.S. for her site selection and economic development expertise related to the manufacturing industry. Her capacity to speak German, Japanese, French, and English fluently, along with partial Chinese and Korean, sets her apart and allows her to better communicate with clients.

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