Autodesk Blog Article: “Passing the Baton”

Jeremy Woodgate, PE, SE, Senior Vice President and Strategic Business Unit Manager, Advanced Technology, is among 10 executives from leading AEC firms who partnered with Autodesk to author a whitepaper challenging the status quo of the current capital delivery supply chain.

The hand-off between design and fabricators is a key juncture in project delivery that presents significant room for efficiencies. In “Passing the Baton,” members of the North American Engineering Executive Council (EXC) offer some preliminary solutions for how project owners can recognize improved project quality, better cost predictability, and shortened timelines through a more streamlined project delivery process.

Jeremy joined SSOE in 2013 as Structural Department Manager through the firm’s merger with Evergreen EDC. In 2016, he was promoted to Division Manager of SSOE’s Advanced Technology SBU. In 2017, he was named a Principal of the firm and in 2019, he became the SBU Manager for the Advanced Technology SBU.

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