Autodesk’s Digital Builder Behind the Build Series: Interview with Vince DiPofi, PE, CEO at SSOE Group

Vince DiPofi, PE, CEO at SSOE Group, was recently interviewed for Autodesk’s Behind the Build. The series, part of the software company’s Digital Builder construction blog, spotlights individual Autodesk Construction Cloud customers. As an early adopter of Autodesk Construction Cloud, we’ve found the collaborative platform enables our global workforce to stay in sync and seamlessly hand off designs.

As the person who oversees our 1,300 employees globally, Vince shares how our partnership with Autodesk has been a major part of our digital transformation strategy. He also discusses his rise through the ranks from mechanical engineer to top executive, how he works to create a strong team culture, and our commitment to DEI.

Vince has more than 30 years of professional experience and started his career at SSOE in 2000 as business leader for SSOE’s food group, which eventually rose to a #2 ENR ranking. He was instrumental in developing engineering alliance relationships with several of SSOE’s Top 10 clients and spearheaded the Value Promise program, which documents savings SSOE initiates for clients. Vince works with account managers in developing accounts globally and has championed efforts for more strategic proposals and an improved win rate. He was named a Principal in 2006. Vince has been influential in fostering a culture of business development within SSOE and has held previous roles as Director of Business Development, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and provided oversight of SSOE’s Mexico and China operations. Vince was officially named the President and CEO of SSOE in late 2019.

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