Building Design + Construction Article: “When is it Safe for your Firm to Adopt New Technologies?”

Mark LaBell, BIM/CAD Technical Leader at SSOE Group, and Lauren Collier, Assoc. AIA and Design Technology Section Leader, are both featured in this article recently published in Building Design + Construction Magazine. The article discusses the recurring theme of reluctance to technology that exists in the conservative realm that is the AEC industry. Despite the opposition, when implemented well, innovation can offer a better way with the rewards surpassing the risks.

Firms vary in their readiness to embrace new technologies, with SSOE Group landing on the more progressive end of the spectrum. SSOE’s LaBell recounts the firm’s early attempts at laser scanning technology and the challenges that followed, including lack of accessibility and efficiency of data. Autodesk® ReCap became more affordable in 2014, changing the game and making the data much more useful. SSOE’s Collier looks back at the beginning stages of BIM integration, which would have been a less-awkward transition had proper training been implemented first — lesson learned. Today, both laser scanning and BIM technology serve SSOE well in achieving its mission of saving clients time, trouble, and money, proving that the path of least resistance is not always the most fruitful.

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