ENR Magazine Article: “Enhancing Interoperability and Data Management to Unlock the Potential of BIM”

Managing data is more important now than ever. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized design and construction by streamlining collaboration, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. However, as contractors and designers continue to adopt BIM practices, the need for enhanced interoperability and effective handling of data-rich 3D models becomes increasingly important.

SSOE’s Lauren Collier, Associate AIA, Director of Project Technology and Senior Associate, recently authored an Engineering News-Record article where she discusses how to enable the smooth exchange and utilization of data.

Lauren has 17 years of experience, and her creative passion lies in Lean, continuous improvement, and innovative model / data use solutions for design and construction operations. Lauren leads a diverse group of VDC technology leaders, software DevOps, and model managers whose focus is on implementing new and innovative technologies, processes, and best practices in design and construction.

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