Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Food Processors Balance Cyber, Physical Security”

Evan Baker, Data / Fire / Security (DFS) Manager at SSOE Group, was recently featured in this Food Engineering Magazine article. Cybersecurity is a growing priority for food manufacturers as network connectivity within facilities increases. The boost in information flow enhances a facility’s vulnerability to an attack—-cyber or physical—-that can result in stolen intellectual property, compromised trade secrets, a damaged reputation, and more. To mitigate exposure to security threats, the article offers a number of suggestions, including developing a comprehensive security plan with company-wide buy-in.

SSOE has been designing data, fire, and security systems for over 40 years. Having this specialty service in-house is a natural extension of our comprehensive services, further reduces client costs, and streamlines communication and design. When clients turn over responsibility for their data, fire, and security needs to our experienced, knowledgeable experts, they can rest assured their assets are well protected. Evan has over 10 years of DFS experience, assisting in delivering smart, dependable solutions to our clients to save them time, trouble, and money.

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