LATINtalk eJournal Article: “Navigating the Complexities to a Successful Outcome”

Erick Kuri, Mexico Business Leader and Operations Manager, recently authored an article in LATINtalk eJournal. Many industry leaders from other countries want to establish operations in or transfer them to Mexico. As part of this process, it’s imperative that they understand the complex process of obtaining permits and other legal aspects. These may vary from one region to another but are equally complex nationwide. One of the biggest challenges companies face is the time it takes to navigate legal and permitting requirements, which is often not built into the project schedule. In the article, Erick shares key perspectives and strategies for the permitting and legal process that owners need to navigate in Mexico.

With more than two decades of in-country experience as a manager and engineer, Erick has extensive project knowledge with automotive / manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in dozens of cities throughout the Mexican industrial corridor. In addition to having local resources and knowledge of the Mexican construction market, Erick is able to execute projects more quickly and cost-effectively for SSOE’s clients.

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