New Equipment Digest Article: “Walking a High-Tech Tightrope”

Gavin Kaleta, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Mechanical Engineer at SSOE, recently authored an article in New Equipment Digest discussing the benefits of zero unplanned downtime, or ZUD, and how it increased the success of a high-stakes semiconductor research fabrication facility (fab) project. By forecasting and planning for the challenges in construction execution — and because of our design team’s experience in advanced technology and complex projects — SSOE was able to avoid unplanned downtime, which can lead to very costly repercussions, especially as it relates to critical chip development. Gavin details how to build the best team possible for a high-pressure facility renovation.

With over 10 years of experience, Gavin offers an in-depth knowledge of basebuild projects for large high-tech clients, in addition to process-specific support system (PSSS) building expansions, central utility building (CUB) expansions, cleanroom retrofits, along with fab interior building development and layout changes.

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