SSOE Group
Other site selection firms think in terms of incentives and the demographic features of a site. We look beyond that to determine which site will maximize your construction and operational dollars.

SSOE’s site selection approach draws on its broad capabilities as an EPCM firm, its in-house experts, and trusted resources in developing an accurate assessment of each site being considered. We look at all aspects of a site, taking into account how well it supports the intended function of the facility you are going to build.

As a firm that designs and builds processes and facilities, we are better suited to make that evaluation than typical site selection firms. In fact, the first step in our site qualification process is to learn everything about your operations that could have a bearing on the site.

Planning to expand globally? Our site selection team is experienced in assisting clients in selecting sites outside their country of origin. No matter where you plan to locate, our recommendations are free of regional, local, or political biases.

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