Diversity: A Strategic Advantage

As a company whose success is rooted in the unique solutions we provide, diversity of thought is a strategic advantage—one that we’re not yet fully leveraging. Research shows that diversity enhances the core values that have defined our company since our founding, including innovation, quality, and collaboration.

Although we hold ourselves accountable to benchmarks that ensure progress, diversity is really about hiring someone who thinks “differently than I do” in an effort to generate stronger ideas. To put forward something different requires a variance in life experiences, which frequently emerge from contrasting backgrounds, be they economic, gender, race, ability, generational, or industry differentiation. Unfortunately, human nature often causes hiring managers’ attraction to the spark of commonality, resulting in a lack of dissimilarities among team members that ultimately curbs innovation. That’s why we train our employees on the dangers of implicit bias so we can proactively combat these tendencies. We also actively recruit employees who bring a fresh perspective, participating in programs like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, which is designed to train transitioning service members on skills needed to succeed in the civilian workforce.

We actively employ more than 65 veterans at our various office locations.
DEI training is a standard part of every SSOE employee’s onboarding process.