Automotive Vehicle
Electrification Program

General Motors

  • Conversion from ICE to EV producing plants
  • Body shop
  • Paint shop
  • General assembly
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Fast-track scheduling plan
  • Big Room
  • Remote collaboration

Multiple Locations, North America

This well-known automotive client set an aggressive goal of producing mostly electric and autonomous vehicles by 2035. To achieve this, the client developed a plan that centers around converting multiple Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) manufacturing and assembly facilities to all-electric vehicle plants and spans several locations throughout North America.

Partnering with multiple general contractors, SSOE provided the engineering and design of substantial renovations and expansions for two facilities. To drive efficiency, the collaborative team leveraged Lean project delivery methods on every project.
The team and client stakeholders used the Big Room concept and remote collaboration to review the proposed facility additions, connections to existing buildings, concepts for new program elements, and stand-alone greenfield manufacturing construction. All sites employed a fast-track schedule, relying on innovation and technology to quickly move the projects from planning and design to construction.

The team’s first project focused on engine, body, paint, and general assembly shops, in addition to process buildings, a commercial kitchen, and an employee cafeteria. SSOE and its partners kicked off the project with an in-person Big Room collaboration meeting. However, three months later, all team members were forced to work remotely due to COVID-19. To keep the project on track, SSOE implemented an on-site construction administrator and daily virtual huddles.

At the second site, SSOE designed major plant additions, including new body and paint shops. The project included a nine-bay dock addition to the general assembly shop and a three-bay addition to the current body shop, with a connector trestle spanning over a road. Our team also designed the structural reinforcement of many existing buildings to accommodate the heavier electric vehicles. Additionally, we relocated the facility’s main access road to provide space for the paint shop addition and other utility tie-ins within the existing plant.

Throughout these projects, SSOE gained significant knowledge and insight into the process of converting ICE facilities to EV producing plants, which we will leverage as we continue to assist this client with its program.

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