Corporate IT Office


  • Space allocation
  • Free-address workplace strategy
  • Laboratories
  • Team rooms
  • Video conference rooms
  • Cafes
  • Live-work lounges

Atlanta, Georgia

275,000 SF

The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to innovation sparked the development of Coca-Cola Technology Plaza. Enabling their people to collaborate, create, and accelerate productivity through technology inspired this workplace. The client’s goal was to integrate the IT organizations of the Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Refreshments, bringing together over 2,000 people in 275,000 SF to enhance collaboration, share knowledge, and invent. The design team partnered with the client to explore and optimize IT-centric work styles, culture, and work processes. We worked with a broad group of internal stakeholders at both companies, including business unit leaders, HR, Marketing, Change Management and not least of all, IT.

SSOE managed the design and consultant team resources to deliver well-integrated solutions in an accelerated format, completing design and construction of the project in 12 months. A close to 50/50 split between FTE’s and contractors, combined with highly mobile and agile teams, resulted in the development of a free-address alternate workplace strategy. This design fosters their informal culture, full of spontaneous collaboration, intense periods of individual work, spirited engagement, comraderie, and refreshment. A variety of live-work lounges at arrival and prime circulation points connect people. Interaction happens in open benching zones, as well as semi-private “pagodas” that bridge to fully enclosed work settings. This diversity of spaces was essential to optimizing how their people work, giving individuals and teams a choice of tools and environment. The design team interpreted the iconic Coca- Cola brand in ways that infuse energy, tap into the magic of Coca-Cola, and make you smile.

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