Facility Energy Audit for Food Manufacturer

Food Client

  • Evaluate energy savings and cost effectiveness
  • FEL 1 study
  • Mechanical process
  • Energy savings

West USA

Decrease natural gas use by 30 billion BTUs a year; saved 19 million gallons of water during first year; project savings of more than $280,000.

When a long-time food manufacturing client wanted to assess opportunities for energy savings at one of its facilities, SSOE had the expertise to both evaluate existing plants and systems and also recommend and implement process and mechanical improvements to achieve cost and energy savings. By conducting an energy savings audit, including heat recovery potentials, SSOE helped identify areas for energy savings.

SSOE first reviewed heat recovery and other energy saving opportunities at the plant. Over a two-month period they conducted an FEL 1 study on three different projects where the client had initiated plans for energy conservation. SSOE determined whether or not the client’s projects were viable enough in terms of expected results and return on investment (ROI) to proceed in implementing. The results and SSOE’s recommendations were then provided to the client for further internal action.

SSOE’s energy audit proved to be successful, as it identified potential energy savings of over 70 billion BTUs per year (70 million cubic feet of natural gas per year). SSOE also reported more than $280,000 savings on the project.

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