Mix Tower Ingredient Capacity Increase

Food Client

  • Balance of Plant around mixing line
  • Addition of two mixers
  • Replaced dry air unit

Midwest USA

In response to surging product demand, our food client sought to expand their existing mixing capacity by adding two additional mixers to their mix tower. SSOE worked with the client to analyze ingredient supply capacity and address any deficiencies in the process.

The overall goal was to ensure enough finished mix could get to the 50-pound filling lines. Our team performed an initial mass balance with the plant on three major dry ingredients, and based on our evaluation, it was evident that four additional exterior bulk silos were required to accommodate the three ingredients.

Simultaneously, SSOE identified an immediate need for two interior use bins to fully utilize the existing mixers. With the integration of the new mixers, eight additional use bins were deemed essential. These bins would play a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted ingredient flow to the process.

Three pneumatic delivery lines were also engineered, with inline sifters on two of them for the delivery of products from the exterior silos to the interior use bins.

SSOE’s design also included the replacement of one existing air dryer with two new higher capacity units to supply dry air for ingredient transport and use bin head space blanketing.

An existing truck unload silo delivery system was replaced and upgraded to supply both existing and new bulk silos. A second truck unload station was added to the existing system to handle the additional capacity.

The successful implementation of the mix tower ingredient capacity increase not only met the immediate production demand, but has also positioned the client for future growth.

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