Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery System

Henry Ford Health System

  • Design-build
  • Floor-to-ceiling concrete-filled walls
  • Complex scope and magnitude
  • Existing vault upgrade
  • Installed fully-integrated system, significantly minimizing treatment time and offering real-time tumor tracking
  • Second fully-shielded treatment room in the world
  • On time and within budget

Detroit, Michigan

2,000 SF / $1.5 M in construction and equipment

The first EDGE radiosurgery LINAC of its kind in North America—second in the world.

Henry Ford Health System chose SSOE Group to provide architectural and engineering services, which included the removal of a linear accelerator (LINAC) and installation of a new Varian EDGE radiosurgery system in an existing vault in the basement of Henry Ford Hospital. Initially, the vault was not adequately shielded for the radiation output of the new equipment, as determined by the client’s on-staff physicist. SSOE worked closely with the physicist, shielding contractor, and construction manager to creatively solve this problem and ultimately provided a fully-shielded treatment room to house the first EDGE radiosurgery LINAC of its kind in North America—second in the world.

SSOE has become a trusted partner of Henry Ford Health System over the years, often called upon to provide our expertise in some of the most challenging of circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing the finest solutions in architectural, structural, mechanical, and engineering services to allow our customers to provide their patients with unparalleled healthcare. The EDGE radiosurgery system allows doctors to minimize treatment time and provide more accurate treatment of cancerous tumors, while minimizing radiation damage to normal tissue surrounding the tumor.

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