New Business and Technology Center

Owens Corning

  • Facility consumes 25% less energy than conventionally engineered and designed facilities of the same size
  • Sourced and installed materials with recycled content and within a 500-mile radius of the site
  • Maximized use of sustainably designed Owens Corning roofing, HVAC, and insulation products
  • Building Management Plan in place to track whole building energy use and to remediate any issues as they arise

Gastonia, North Carolina

27,000 SF

Native plantings and selection of low-flow plumbing create $5,000 in water savings annually. Use of highly efficient, sustainable systems and materials saves $5,000 in energy savings annually.

Owens Corning, a leader in the glass fiber industry, selected SSOE to design and engineer a new 27,000 SF Business and Technology Center in Gastonia, North Carolina. Connected to the company’s adjacent state-of-the-art non-woven glass fiber fabric plant, the technology center houses operations offices as well as research and development facilities for advances in Owens Corning bio-based products.

A Focus on Sustainability

Achieving LEED certification for this project was a key client objective. Early in the design process, SSOE led an “eco-charrette” that brought together all stakeholders, designers, and contractors to engage in an integrative process to analyze opportunities for sustainable design. Ideas generated in the charrette led to notable environmental and energy savings accomplishments:

  • The facility consumes 25% less energy than similar structures equipped with conventional systems and materials
  • Achieved 36% water use reduction by installing low-flow metered plumbing fixtures and faucets
  • Used energy efficient glazing along three façades of the building to optimize natural daylight and views of the natural environment

Distinctive Design, Welcoming Entry

Extensive site design resulted in an appealing façade with a welcoming entry and a strong daylight component. Careful evaluation of exterior materials led SSOE to design a unique longboard curtain wall that enhances and unifies the appearance of the building and adjacent manufacturing facility.

Landscape Design Creates Win‐Win Scenario

Restoring natural habitat and removing irrigation from the site was an additional design challenge that resulted in a win‐win scenario for stakeholders and environment alike. Because the industrial park had very strict requirements for site irrigation, SSOE – with the client and the local civil team – created a landscape design featuring native plants
and vegetation.


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