New Process Moulding Line

Food Client

  • FEL to confirm scope and capital budget
  • New moulding line
  • Complete detailed design to IFC
  • Owner’s Representative and CM site support

North America

When a client’s capital spending grew significantly, they needed to outsource some of their work. SSOE was a top choice when they set out to find engineering firms to manage their projects.

The first project was the installation of a new process moulding line for one of the client’s most popular candies. SSOE served as Engineer of Record for the original construction of this facility in 2009. Replacing the first production line that was installed during the original construction, this new process line has a much higher capacity and utilizes state-of-art technology to obtain improved efficiency. Project features include the moulding line, a 10,000 SF packaging mezzanine with a two-floor packaging operation, modifications to the peanut processing area and peanut butter kitchen, and additional utility infrastructure to support the operation.

What started as an FEL to confirm scope and refine the cost estimate in January 2022, quickly grew into a full, detailed design effort, then followed by a request to provide a field team to serve as the Owner’s Representative in support of the plant during construction.

One of the key components to the project’s success was the SSOE’s site team, composed of employees from SSOE’s León office, who worked with both the client and SSOE U.S.-based Subject Matter Experts, to help eliminate language and cultural barriers.

SSOE encountered challenges during the construction process. However, the team worked tirelessly to overcome these challenges and ensured the client remained satisfied. The client applauded our design and procurement processes, as well as our responsiveness and knowledge of the site. Even with delays, SSOE managed to make sure everything was delivered to the site and installed properly.

We built a partnership with the client and they viewed our field employees as an extension of their team, trusting us to drive results. This allowed the client’s engineering team to focus on other projects, saving time and money for the client. SSOE saved the client over $3 million. Of that, $2.5 million was realized in the FEL process and an additional $500,000 was saved through process improvements.

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