Pet Food Production Capacity Expansion Lines 1 and 2

Pet Food Client

  • Conversion of vacant facility into a wet pet food process facility and distribution warehouse
  • Site development
  • Complex new utility infrastructure
  • Complex coordination between project disciplines

South USA

500,000 SF

The scope of this project involved the conversion of an existing 500,000 SF pet food facility from a textile manufacturing facility to a wet pet food facility and distribution warehouse. The site, idle for nearly a decade, required extensive refurbishment, site improvements, and building modifications to make it ready for the new processes. The project included site development, construction, design, equipment procurement, installation, and start-up of two canning lines.

The initial project phase included the civil site design, with additional parking, new roadways, laydown areas for construction, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP); lighting, and a completely new medium voltage site electrical distribution system. Interior work included the definition and design of new rooms, new floor slab, industrial waste drain system, design and specification of new utilities (HVAC, boilers, compressed air, bio-filter odor control, and others), process and packaging design, and overall modeling / BIM/VDC.

Due to the complexity of the project and condensed schedule, multiple entities were engaged across a wide variety of tasks, requiring a high level of collaboration. For example, separate design / build efforts were needed for the freezer, empty can building, compactor area, wastewater treatment, and employee center. Coordination was also extensive between the multiple layers of the client’s project management and engineering disciplines. Lastly there were multiple vendor supplied “modules” (dries, meat bins, gravy, and packaging), which were integrated into the design and installation.

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