Rerouting Seven Filling Lines to Increase Capacity

Consumer Products Client

  • Bottlenecks reduced
  • Proper capacity utilization
  • Product out the door quicker
  • Compromised schedule back on track

Midwest USA

Despite setbacks, the schedule for this complex project was met through creative sequencing and quick thinking.

When this project for a major consumer products client went to bid, SSOE was not the lowest bidder and lost the job opportunity. The successful bidder was new to the site and their lack of familiarity caused delays in schedule. They struggled to meet the strict timeline and, in the end, were removed from the project. SSOE was asked to take over the large project, complete with compromised time-critical schedule, and get it back on track.

To ensure deadlines were met effectively, SSOE utilized offshore resources; an Indian-based engineering firm. This afforded round-the-clock development of over 300 drawings.

The project goal was to realign the filling lines with palletizers of a similar speed to avoid bottlenecks and under-utilized capacity. While a typical project would reroute only one line, this project rerouted seven lines to different palletizers, making this project especially complex.

SSOE’s on-site construction assistance proved especially helpful when our extensive in-plant experience allowed us to efficiently act as the project’s scheduler, coordinator, and supervisor. Through strategic sequencing of construction, the team was able to get this project back on schedule and avoid any costly down time.

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