New Product Launch

Consumer Products Client

  • Worked within a fully operational facility utilizing only planned shut-downs
  • Fast-track scale-up of brand new processes allowed the client to get the new product to market quickly

Midwest USA

In the world of consumer products, it is well known that speed to market is of utmost important when it comes to new products. When this well-known, global consumer products manufacturer sought to launch it’s new 2-in-1 laundry product line, it was critical they be the first to market in order to reap the first-mover advantage.

In an effort to capitalize on the strengths of multiple engineering providers, the client decided to award the project to a consortium of competing firms. SSOE and its partners were charged with providing all engineering and design services to allow for the production of the new laundry product. This included the design of new tanks and piping, as well as tying them into to the existing mixing skids. In addition to this technical role, SSOE was also tasked with coordinating the efforts of all design and construction firms involved in this project.

The project was successfully completed within its fast-track schedule. This allowed the client to get the new product on store shelves before its competitors, resulting in increased revenue, profitability, and higher return on investment.

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