Repair Tornado Damage on
Pet Food Warehouse

Pet Food Client

  • Due to excellent staging of repairs throughout the project, warehouse space met needed demand
  • 100% safety record
  • Construction management

Midwest USA

SSOE took immediate measures to restore the partial function of a warehouse, saving the client the cost of leasing an off-site space.

After a tornado struck a pet food warehouse facility, the client sought SSOE’s construction management expertise to restore and improve the building so on-site storage could be resumed. The immediate first step, installing a temporary roof, and subsequent staging of repairs created sufficient warehouse space to meet the demands of full production months before repairs were completed. This was crucial as there were no nearby temporary storage facilities that could meet the client’s criteria.

Due to suppliers’ inventory reductions, some materials were difficult to obtain. SSOE minimized the resulting schedule delays by relocating the project manager to the site for four weeks, managing the project efficiently, and doubling up efforts to secure equipment and materials.

Returning the warehouse to working order included replacement of 50% of the roof, the entire front of the facility, and the east wall. Damaged roof fans were replaced with wall fans as a precaution against future wind damage. The team replaced windows, gutters, vents, and overhead doors that had been blown out, and realigned 12 supporting concrete columns. SSOE also devised a method for reinforcing concrete columns with steel plates so they could withstand forklift collisions and not be damaged. These new column wraps became the standard for future repairs.

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