Solar Ingot Wafer Manufacturing Facility

Specialty Glass Client

  • Solar cell manufacturing
  • Conceptual through detail design, and construction administration
  • Chemical storage
  • Production, administration, and offices spaces

Midwest USA

~ 1 million SF facility

SSOE was recently selected to provide full planning, design, and construction administration services for a greenfield solar wafer manufacturing facility.

Having completed FEL 1 and 2 of this project, SSOE provided site readiness requirements and recommendations, Basis of Design, conceptual facility designs and plans, basic cost estimating, and a preliminary design schedule. Throughout FEL 1, SSOE performed value engineering evaluations in which the client approved design solutions totaling approximately $400 million in project savings.

The facility design includes a main process area, wastewater treatment, raw and finished goods warehouses, elevated operating floors, administrative, and office spaces. The scope of the project includes facility layout (civil, structural, architectural), water supply distribution, HVAC, electrical supply and distribution, emergency safety systems, fire protection design, and waste and hazardous material management. In addition to adhering to client standards and code compliance, SSOE is also delivering a sustainable building design.

According to a recent Client Satisfaction Survey, the client noted “They [SSOE] are always looking for the best solution that fits within the budget, of me being the customer. They are constantly offering, I’ll say, brainstormed ideas, or various ideas of how to solve the problem in the most effective way to satisfy the customer.”

Although this is currently a confidential client and project, the client gave SSOE a 10 out of 10 on the survey when answering “how likely they would be to recommend SSOE to a colleague.”

To date, SSOE value engineered project solutions totaling $400 million in savings.

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