Strategic Planning with Interactive Mapping Tool

Healthcare Client

  • Discovery through collaboration
  • Unique, client-focused solution
  • Allowed for integration of client
    supplied data
  • Utilized Mapline software with
    heat mapping capabilities
  • Customizable options

Midwest USA

During a key healthcare client meeting, this client expressed a need to visualize their strategic plan by region, city, and street level. Their goal was to see their current locations by type, competitor locations, and key performance indicators in one map. Unsure how to accomplish this, the Account Manager gathered our Civil Department Manager, BIM/VDC Technical Specialist, and Senior Marketing Coordinator for a brain storming session. As the team discussed the project parameters, it was clear that our typical graphic programs would not provide the dynamic visualization required by the client.

Thinking outside the box, the team began exploring Mapline, a sales and marketing program, as a possible solution. SSOE’s marketing and BIM/VDC technical specialists worked together to explore visualization options, input owner provided detailed data sets, and develop a methodology for the client to visualize a graphic region by isolating or combining data sets. Mapline also provides the ability to overlay information critical to understanding market share by zip code or county borders. This data can be further enhanced by “heat mapping” to add visual clarity to a strategic plan.

The client came to us with the expectation of developing a static graphic poster and was delivered an interactive web-based tool that provided the flexibility to toggle data sets on and off. Upon presentation of Mapline as a strategic analysis tool, the client was pleased with our solution and the possibilities it provided. They were so pleased that they asked us to expand the project scope and map multiple regions.

Managing “big data” is a non-typical project for SSOE. We accepted the challenge and developed a client-specific hybrid team to leverage a web-based tool that allowed our client to analyze market share and explore possible site selection locations via an interactive platform. The result of this collaboration was the perfect solution which exceeded our client’s strategic planning needs and expectations.

“Having a dynamic tool allowed our team to analyze many ‘what-if’ scenarios in real time—a luxury when you are working with multiple layers of data during strategic planning meetings!”

– Confidential Healthcare Client

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