Sumter County Courthouse

Sumter County Government


Sumter, South Carolina

80,000 SF

Catalyst For Revitalization

Beyond answering overdue programmatic needs for the County, the new Judicial Center has become a catalyst for revitalization of the city’s downtown core. By transforming a vacant parking lot into the County’s new Center for Justice, our design team was able to create a beautiful, hardscaped entry portico along North Harvin Street.

Addressing Site Challenges

Additionally, a linear park was created, which spans the setback area from East Calhoun Street southward toward East Hampton Street. Required site circulation concerns were placed well away from the public side of the courthouse. All service vehicles and courthouse traffic now share a driveway toward the northeast corner of the facility, while a small restricted parking lot was created for the judges.

Traditional Elements

Based on traditional architectural elements, the new courthouse features four courtrooms, Clerk of Court, Sheriff’s holding area, judges’ chambers, jury deliberation rooms, public areas, and security core.

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