Area Development Article: “Maximum Impact: Saving Time and Money with BIM 360”

Charles Berteaux, AEE, ACP, BIM/VDC Department Manager at SSOE Group, recently authored an article in Area Development. The article discusses how through advanced technology, such as Autodesk BIM 360, project teams can save stakeholders time, trouble, and money by minimizing less-than-productive time in meetings, file transfers, and rework time which is key to optimizing project schedules.

Charles has over 20 years of experience serving as an architectural design lead/BIM content builder/BIM coordinator/BIM teacher, experienced in both 2D and 3D production. He has been recognized as an Autodesk Expert Elite (AEE) and Revit Architecture Certified Professional (ACP). Over the last seven years, Charles has presented a session at six of the Autodesk University events in Las Vegas.

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