Food Engineering: “Automation Beyond COVID: It’s About Labor, Labor, Labor”

In Food Engineering's annual survey, SSOE’s Jens Ebert, Vice President and Division Manager, Food and Consumer Products, joins fellow AEC experts to weigh in on what’s trending and why. In this year’s article, we learn that—much like in other industries—food processors have found labor scarce, difficult to retain, and in need of ongoing training. Is automation the solution? Our resident food manufacturing expert provides his two cents. Continue Reading →

Digital Builder: “4 Must-Have Traits for a Successful BIM and VDC Career”

Lauren Collier, Associate AIA, Department Manager, VDC Global Initiatives, and Senior Associate recently authored an article for Autodesk’s construction blog, Digital Builder. BIM and VDC roles play a vital role during design and construction now more than ever. In this article, Lauren describes what it takes to thrive as an AEC technology practitioner. Continue Reading →

Lab Manager Article: “Project Profile: Georgia Southern Center for Engineering and Research”

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson’s Georgia Southern Center for Engineering and Research project was recently featured in Lab Manager. The new 140,000 SF facility, which was completed in January 2021, houses all engineering programs on campus containing state-of-the-art laboratories for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotics, and manufacturing engineering, among others. The building is designed to facilitate academic and institutional partnerships throughout the region and produce the next generation of highly trained engineers prepared for 21st century professions. Continue Reading →

Area Development Article: “Maximum Impact: Saving Time and Money with BIM 360”

Charles Berteaux, AEE, ACP, BIM/VDC Department Manager at SSOE Group, recently authored an article in Area Development. The article discusses how through advanced technology, such as Autodesk BIM 360, project teams can save stakeholders time, trouble, and money by minimizing less-than-productive time in meetings, file transfers, and rework time which is key to optimizing project schedules. Continue Reading →

Pet Food Processing Article: “Trends in New Construction”

Sam Thurber, PMP, Senior Project Manager at SSOE, was recently featured in an article in Pet Food Processing Magazine. In the article Sam, as well as other industry professionals, discuss current design trends in pet food and treat manufacturing plants. Continue Reading →

ENR Magazine Article: “In-House Owner Teams and Designers Can Increase Productivity by Fully Embracing the Cloud”

Justin Lipsey, VDC Specialist at SSOE, wrote an article recently featured in the industry-leading publication Engineering News-Record (ENR) titled “In-House Owner Teams and Designers Can Increase Productivity by Fully Embracing the Cloud.” A proponent and early adopter of Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform, Justin discusses the advantages of cloud technology services and its ability to allow project teams to steer the direction, improve protocols, and reap the long-term benefits of closer, more informed collaboration. Continue Reading →