Food Engineering Article: “38th Annual Plant Construction Survey: Fast track project delivery”

Joe Badalamenti, PE, PMP, Business Development Executive at SSOE Group, was recently featured in this article in Food Engineering Magazine. Based on the publication’s annual survey, food and beverage projects were on the uptick in 2014, and Badalamenti and other AEC experts weigh in on what’s trending and why. From renovations to greenfield projects, processors are loosening their money belt, but spending sensibly — making purchases that improve efficiency, with a focus on food safety and increased automation. These improvements are a win-win for processors, helping them differentiate themselves among the pack of competitors while getting product to market for less.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Badalamenti has worked with various food clients to blaze the proverbial trail in regards to process design and automation. His take on what is driving this boost in food projects? Efficiency, automation, energy consumption, and environmental impact. Through the implementation of lean design principles, production and operational efficiencies get an upgrade in the design phase. And by choosing renewable energy, processors can obtain a better return on investment while complying with government standards.

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