Pulling back the curtain on VDC

In moving a project from statement of work to completion of construction, regular collaboration between owners, designers, and contractors is no longer a luxury. It is the managerial insurance the project must have in order to stay on schedule and budget. Much of the unbudgeted time and expense incurred by change orders can be attributed to a lack of integration between the players. It’s often because these parties failed to include the resources and intentional effort for collaboration. Continue Reading →

The icing on the cake: almost $20 million in documented savings

In the AEC industry, when a client asks for a project to be completed "faster, better, and cheaper," chances are they will be told that two out of three is about as good as it gets. Thanks to technology, integrated delivery methods, and an exceptional team effort, SSOE raised the bar and delivered on all counts on a recent project for a global leader in the food industry. Continue Reading →

SSOE conducts search for new Polaris plant location

Huntsville, Alabama has a lot to celebrate. It was recently selected as the site for the new Polaris plant, which will generate up to 2,000 jobs and create a ripple effect that will boost the area’s economy. Huntsville’s Mayor, Tommy Battle, jokingly suggested it was a plate of exceptional barbecue ribs that clinched the high-stakes deal. SSOE’s Alexandra Segers stands by the full story. Polaris selected her from a field of qualified candidates to conduct the site selection process — beginning to end. Alexandra considers this one of the fastest site selection processes of this magnitude she’s ever conducted. To put that in context, she has more than 15 years of experience helping major corporations find the best sites worldwide. Continue Reading →

Making Steel—Big Business and Big Work

Whenever a company needs new manufacturing facilities to capture market share, getting up and running quickly is critical. It needs to pick a firm with solid experience, one that won’t flinch at challenges that might arise, and will do what it takes to meet an aggressive schedule. In this case, the firm is SSOE. The market is the oil and gas industry and the product is high quality API Grade steel tube – over 500,000 metric tons annually. Continue Reading →

SSOE’s Comprehensive Services Enable Client’s U.S. Operations

When Germany-based KSM decided to advance its global production footprint by setting up operations in the U.S., they enlisted SSOE to help with site selection. SSOE began by developing the site criteria for the company’s new greenfield high-pressure aluminum castings plant into an RFP. SSOE solicited bids from various states, performed site evaluations, recommended a site, and supported negotiations of the settlement contracts. KSM was very pleased with the results and extended the scope of SSOE’s services with the conceptual design and cost estimate for the Shelby, North Carolina location. We then performed all design and engineering services for the new facility and acted as the Owner’s Representative which included providing an onsite contact. SSOE used a cost / benefit analysis, including value engineering, to help KSM determine its “must haves” — items required for production support — verses its wants. This analysis helped the client create a facility that projected the image they were looking for while keeping costs within budget. In fact, by applying intense value engineering, SSOE was able to reduce estimated completion cost by 33%.   To keep the project on track required prioritizing production areas and construction packages. And to keep the budget intact, SSOE drew on its design solutions that had been successful in other automotive applications. At this point, site work is complete and Phase 1 construction is underway. The design included expansion areas to be built out as needed for future growth of operations. Continue Reading →

There’s a lot at stake when selecting a site for a new facility

Choosing the wrong consultant and especially the wrong property could be detrimental to your project budget and schedule. SSOE provides an overview touching on the important aspects of site selection and the details that will help you make an informed choice on a firm to partner with. In our site selection presentation, we explain our step-by-step process of securing solid ground for your facility, and how our way of working helps save you time, trouble, and money on your project. Continue Reading →