Health Facilities Management Magazine Article: “Planning a Hospital Mass Notification System”

Evan BakerData / Fire / Security (DFS) Manager at SSOE with over 10 years of experience, recently authored this illustrative article detailing best practices for designing an effective hospital mass notification system (MNS). Today’s technology allows for customized life-safety messages to be communicated in real time in various ways, with many features varying by vendor. Evan writes that a successful MNS design starts with calculated planning and the involvement of many parties—including the building’s architect, fire protection engineer, hospital personnel, insurance provider, and code officials—to help determine priority MNS features.

A crucial aspect of MNS design is coordinating operation with the various other systems within a facility, such as fire alarm, access control, intrusion detection, and phone systems. Evan explains the MNS must be fully integrated to seamlessly communicate with the other systems in the hospital in the event of a crisis situation.

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