IMPO Magazine Article: “Effective Preventative Maintenance Plans Begin With ‘Where Are We Now?'”

Corey Zachel, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Section Manager and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, recently highlighted the importance of proactively coordinating manufacturing equipment maintenance schedules in this IMPO Magazine article. Corey suggests pulling in experts to avoid guesswork and rework—and rather than waiting for a breakdown, figure out what’s needed to keep equipment running without a hitch to avoid problems altogether. Through various examples from out in the field, he shares how regular evaluations and preventive maintenance could have helped avoid costly disruptions to production and multiple headaches along the way.

A skilled electrical engineer with 18 years of experience, Corey brings extensive knowledge to SSOE’s automotive manufacturing facilities group. He’s collaborated with multidisciplinary teams on dozens of expansion projects during his tenure at SSOE, specializing in the design of electrical systems for process equipment, parts manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants, and more—all within code and industry standards.

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