New Equipment Digest Article: “Insights into Cleanroom Humidification Challenges”

Dewayne Galyon, Basebuild Technical Specialist at SSOE, offers insights into cleanroom humidification challenges in this New Equipment Digest article. While there are numerous complex cleanroom challenges, humidity is a major factor in keeping cleanrooms free of electrostatic charge and moisture. Within the article, Dewayne explains how it takes a seasoned professional to analyze various changes and determine which are indicative of deeper issues and which are the result of a small change in operating. He then goes on to speak to the humidification specific challenge and the solutions.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Dewayne leads, performs, and participates in reviews of multidisciplinary projects, critical investigation boards, operational readiness reviews, facility turnover and start-up, environmental compliance assessments, and time and materials estimates. He works to ensure our clients’ processes are functioning at full potential, specializing in driving continuous improvements in productivity, quality, cost, and process stability.

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