Power Engineering Magazine Article: “CHP: Energy Independence Offers a Competitive Edge”

Economic analysis and design strategies for cogeneration increase industrial competitiveness.

Tom Fitzpatrick, PE, Power Department Manager at SSOE, co-authored this illuminating article that highlights the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP). CHP — or cogeneration — is a sustainable energy alternative offering better efficiency and increased reliability at a lower cost. These benefits and other potential advantages offered by CHP can give an industrial company the advantage over competitors.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, CHP projects often create jobs, positioning a company as a good corporate citizen while also providing eligibility for certain tax benefits. Although not all sites are well-suited for CHP, those that are often see considerable energy savings and a significant reduction in environmental impact. Fitzpatrick, with over 30 years of power engineering expertise, manages various utility-related projects for industrial, municipal, and institutional facilities. In 2015, he co-presented “Best Practices in Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power” at the 19th annual Ohio Energy Management Conference.  

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