Area Development Magazine Article: “The United States: A Growing Competitor for New Manufacturing Plants”

Foreign companies are trending in the direction of the U.S. as they review global site selection options, with suppliers following.

Alexandra Segers, International Senior Account Executive / Program Manager at SSOE Group, shares her insight in this article published in Area Development Magazine. Within, Segers discusses some of the important items — including incentives and cost offsets, utility factors, and workforce availability — that are making the U.S. an advantageous area to consider development, with the Southeast U.S. leading the pack.

Historically, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been known to establish plants in Central and South America, as well as in China; however, Segers suggests measuring the advantages of all available sites, closely comparing to determine the best possible choice in terms of value. The robust and ever-growing advantages of new construction within the U.S. are often glossed over and passed by as a result of biased ideas and a lack of information.

Low taxes, development-friendly incentive programs, diversified transportation systems, and an abundance of available quality workers with multifarious skills, are making the Southeast and Southwest U.S. a leading option for new and expanding industries. The southeastern region has a particularly stronger edge above the rest, with lower power rates and the presence of major players in key industries, such as Honda, Boeing, and Airbus, to name a few.

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