Lean Construction Blog Article: “Uneven Lean: The Strategy, Tactics, and Tools of Developing a Lean Operating Strategy”

In a recent Lean Construction Blog article, Catherine Myers, PE, SSOE’s Chair of the Board and President, and John Pemberton, one of SSOE’s Outside Board Members, discuss the strategy, tactics, and tools of developing a Lean Operating Strategy (aka “LOS”).

Cathy joined SSOE in July 2017 and is notably, the first woman to serve in any of her roles. A graduate of the University of Portland, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and has been a registered Professional Engineer for over 30 years. In 2022, she was nominated to join the Lean Construction Institute’s (LCI) Board of Directors.

John is the former Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing for Intel Corporation. During his last three years with Intel, John served as a national board member for the LCI representing the voice of corporations concerned about the current state of the construction industry. Since his recent retirement, he is now a sought-after champion and mentor for Lean and collaborative delivery approaches.

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